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13th July 2024 
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I am an experienced UK based professional writer and editor and I offer a variety of services to publishers, authors and potential authors, including autobiographies, personal memoirs, self-help and business books.

I have ghostwritten and edited over 60 books for major publishers in Britain and the USA, among them four that made number one on the Sunday Times bestseller list and several that have been published around the world. They include Confidence: The Secret by Katie Piper, 'Memoirs of a Fruitcake' by Chris Evans, 'Gypsy Boy and 'Gypsy Boy on the Run' by Mikey Walsh, 'John' by Cynthia Lennon and 'Behind Closed Doors' by Jenny Tomlin.

You'll find me featured as one of the UK's top ghostwriters in 'The Complete Guide to Ghostwriting' by Teena Lyons, published by Thistle.

Some of the people I work with have written their manuscripts and simply need an editor’s guidance. Some choose to have their book written for them and others want to learn how to write a manuscript that reads fluently and is absorbing.

What I will bring to your writing project is professionalism, experience and guidance. So whether you are working on a book, an account of how you built up a business, a personal memoir or simply an idea you'd like to develop, get in touch. Writing can be a tricky business, but it’s rewarding too, and the end result is worth all the sweat, tears and frustration.

Four in ten successful books have made use of a ghostwriter. You may get only one chance. A professional writer can help you make the most of it.

Services I offer include:

  • Ghostwriting

  • Editing

  • Business books and histories

  • Personal Memoirs

  • Manuscript reading and report

'Thanks to Caro Handley for being so patient and always on my side.'
Mikey Walsh, 'Gypsy Boy'. No 1 bestseller 2009

'Warm thanks to Caro Handley for holding my hand through every step of the joy and the pain of writing my book – I couldn’t have done it without you.'
Cynthia Lennon,‘John’. No 1 bestseller 2005