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13th July 2024 

Find me featured as one of the UK's top ghostwriters in 'The Complete Guide to Ghostwriting' by Teena Lyons, published by Thistle. I am also a member of United Ghostwriters, a small group of talented and experienced UK ghostwriters (see below).

There are all kinds of reasons why someone might want their book ghosted, including lack of time, lack of interest in writing and a preference for talking about their story or area of expertise rather than writing about it.

Publishers often sign up a celebrity, an expert in a particular field or someone who has an original and interesting story to tell, and then bring in a ghostwriter to help create the book.

When ghosting a book I spend time with the author, getting to know them and recording their story, before writing the book. At every stage the author is consulted and included.

If you would like me to write a book for you, whether it is your life story, about your chosen field of work or business venture or simply a tale that you feel is waiting to be told, please get in touch.

Many books fail on the point of succeeding; what an editor can do is help to make a book everything it can be. Publishers are more likely to make an offer on a book when they know that an accredited professional writer is part of the package.

Creative editing involves taking a basic manuscript and shaping it into a book that works. This sometimes means restructuring, adding extra material or cutting, so that the story remains intact, the book keeps its integrity and essence and what emerges is a great read.

Few publishers employ full-time editors and many potentially good books are rejected because of errors in editing, typing, grammar, construction, and even presentation. When editing a manuscript I am used to solving problems and to providing a high standard of work.

Reading Manuscripts
If you have written a manuscript and would like feedback and advice on how to develop it, I will give you a written report within 14 days. I will make suggestions, add colour, atmosphere and continuity, and I will explain why all suggested changes or adds are being made.

United Ghostwriters
A marketplace that showcases top UK ghostwriters, dedicated to the art of helping you write your book and express your ideas in your voice.
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'To the lovely Caro Handley, for all her help in putting this book together.'
Jenny Tomlin, mother of actress Martine McCutcheon 'Behind Closed Doors'. No 1 Bestseller 2005

‘Thank-you to Caro Handley for her special care of me and her expert help in filling in the gaps in my manuscript - she helped me to deal with the parts that had been too hard to write about before.' Sophie Andrews, who became Chair of the Samaritans and is current Chair of Silverline 'Scarred' 2007